Do you need a workspace where to develop your business? Would you like to be part of a network of professionals?
Impact Hub Trento is the right place for you!

Our membership stand out for the amount of hours of using coworking space and meeting roomWe have different packages available for people who need a workstation every day, a few days a week or just few hours a month.
You could use hub as an office for your business, or a comfortable and professional place where you could meetmeetyour clients or organize meetings or conferences. A host is always ready to greet you and answer to your questions.
Impact hub is also the right place to drink a cup of coffee or tea, to read, or just to chill out.More than anything else, it is a space to get in touch with the local community and the global networ of Impact Hub.

Would you like to be an hubber?

In our coworking space on via Roberto Da Snaseverino 95, Trento, we offer you services to work easily and in a comfortable way!


In our coworking you can have your own workstation with internet wifi. You bring your laptop and we take care of everything else. In the space you find a hostt a guide ready to answer to your questions and to lead you to the spaces and community. You can use the skype boxroom for your calls and the meeting room at special price

Relax area

Impact hub is more than a workspace.When you leave your desk you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in our bistrot (where you can find everything to make and warm up your lunch as well). You can take a moment to share your projects with our hubbers, or just take a break and recharge yourself playing darts or ping pong in our relax room relax room nd on our playing room.We have a handyparking.


As a hubber you will join the dynamiclocal community of professionals and internaional network of Impact Hub.You will access to exclusive communication channels and to events designed to increase networking and encourage exchange of ideas.

You can work in any of the Hubs around the world thanks to Hub Passport!Each Impact Hub provides a three- days free membership for hubbers in their Hubs: so you can use the space in the different part of the world and experience Hub’s global network.

You have access to a lot of conventions with restaurants, gyms and shops in the city that offer special discounts to our hubbers.

We organizeevents designed only for the members of our community. Important opportunities to get to know each other, empower your network and create new collaborations.

Tariffe Membership

* Contratto iniziale minimo 6 mesi ** Contratto iniziale minimo 3 mesi
Tutti i prezzi sono da considerarsi con IVA esclusa


Discover our bookleta short guide with all the informations for our hubbers!

How to deal with smartworking after lockdown?


Impact Hub Italy promotes Corporate Desk, a new membership that allows the unlimited and totally secure use of one or more desks reserved for your employees and collaborators at Impact Hub Trento and in the Italian offices of the Impact Hub network.

Find out more about this membership designed for Pmi and Corporate.


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Impact Hub Trentino is more than a coworking space. Its also a place where your interests can grow, change, and link to the interests of other hubbers. It is a place where the network is strengthening every day. 

If you wish you can receive a concret support for your entrepreneurial activity, programs to accelerate your business, search for financing and project management consulting.

A day as an Hubber

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Lavori in team e sei alla ricerca di uno spazio dedicato? La tua azienda è alla ricerca di un nuovo ufficio all’interno di un ambiente stimolante?
A Impact Hub abbiamo una serie di uffici di diverse metrature. Scrivici per avere maggiori informazioni. Manda un email


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Puoi usare lo spazio di coworking di Impact Hub Trentino, in via Sanseverino 95 a Trento, per una sola giornata acquistando un daypass o un pacchetto “10 daypass”. Scopri come acquistare il tuo daypass 


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A Impact Hub trovi sale adatte per i corsi di formazioni e meeting room! Scopri come prenotarle