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English speaking tea

Apr 3rd
17:00 - 18:00
Piano terra

The meetings are not lessons but we provide the opportunity of creating an English Spoken environment where skills in English can be consolidated and improved. The meet up are informal and open to all people of all level. Even a complete beginner who wants to just listen and not speak is welcome. Other native speakers are welcome. The ” conversation” will be piloted in a way that lower levels can’t feel intimidated and more advanced speakers don’t dominate.

Conversation will regard topics linked to The Hub such as the environment, recycling, starting an enterprise, voluntary organisations and anything else you find relevant and interesting to discuss, the topics are decided on together. Open to people from all professions, nationalities, age groups and levels of English.
The main aim is to create an informal and relaxed space where people can experiment with their knowledge of english and have an opportunity to speak together with others of different levels. A space where people can get to know new people and learn about new interests. To partecipate It will be necessary write to [email protected]

Let’s speak english!

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